Increased Yields

increased yields

Improved yields are based on sustainably improved soils, which is what cover cropping is all about.

Soils are worked harder today than ever before, and farmers face more challenges. For example, ethanol demand for corn now exceeds that used for raising livestock.

With more acres in production, weather extremes have greater economic impact. And environmental regulations are increasingly important to every farmer.

Cover crops allow absorption of excess surface water, reduce crusting, relieve compaction and enhance nutrient cycling. They help manage pests and weeds and improve soil chemistry and much more, all leading to increased crop yields.

A good cover crop program not only helps soil recover from intense cultivation, the soil-improving effects also accumulate year after year, leading to greater profitability.

Yield Increases Proven in University and Farm Testing

Tillage Radish® is one of the few cover crops with over 10 years of university testing and replicated farm testing that directly prove yield increases.

  • Corn yield increase of 10%
  • Soybean yield increase of 11%
  • Winter wheat yield increase from 5–8 b/a when planted as a blend

Other cover crops are also known to improve soil conditions in ways that lead directly or indirectly to increased yields.

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