Tillage RootMax Cover Crop Ryegrass

Tillage RootMax Certified Annual Ryegrass

Uniform Stand Maturity for Easier Control and Dense Root System

Tillage RootMax® Annual Ryegrass is an annual ryegrass screened and selected for cover crop use because of its winter-hardiness and rooting depth. 

Seed certification, assuring the purity of the seed, makes this selection easier to kill because as a single variety, it has uniform growth. Because of its later maturity, growers have an extra 1 1/2 weeks to terminate it in the spring, when compared with cereal rye. 

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  • Scavenging and holding nutrients through the fall and spring
  • Provides a uniform stand maturity for easier spring control
  • Dense rooting network for compaction reliefTillage RootMax Cover Crop Ryegrass
  • May help in managing soybean cyst nematode
  • Slower to mature than cereal rye
  • Variety screened and selected for cover crop use
  • Superior winter-hardiness when compared with other annual ryegrass varieties

Tillage RootMax® has a dense network of fibrous roots that provide better soil to root contact, to take up more nutrients and break up compaction which leads to better soil aeration.

Tillage RootMax® will overwinter in many areas, which leads to a longer period of nutrient uptake and later release of scavenged nutrients. When Tillage RootMax® is planted early enough, there has been some evidence that soybean cyst nematode egg counts will be decreased. The mechanism for this is not well understood and more research is planned.


Because it overwinters, Tillage RootMax® offers the opportunity for spring grazing or a silage crop. Remember that when using Tillage RootMax® as a forage, nutrients taken up by the cover crop will be removed from the field and fertilizer adjustments will be needed for the subsequent crop.

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