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Manage covers like cash crops

Ag Web — Mar 22,2014

Cover crops must be part of your crop production plan, as well as your soil health improvement plan. Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie outlines the details.

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Cover crop benefits include weed control

Growing Magazine — Mar 19,2014

Several cover crop varieties are detailed here by experts focusing on how each benefits weed control by competing for water, light and nutrients, and through biochemical production.

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Are cover crops in your forage supply?

Dairy Herd — Mar 18,2014

Are cover crops in your forage supply? This article provides valuable pointers and planting strategies for planting cover crops for forage including varieties like Tillage Radish®, mixes & more.

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Cover crop trial shows yield gains after 8 years

Capital Press — Mar 10,2014

New research from Montana State University shows cover crops can be an effective tool on dryland farms, but growers should stick with the cropping system for several years to achieve yield gains.

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A deeper understanding

Ag Web — Mar 08,2014

New laboratory testing procedures lay the groundwork for improving soil health by assessing a full range of aspects - chemical, biological and physical.

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20 million acres of cover crops by 2020

No-Till Farmer — Mar 05,2014

No-Till Farmer recently had a seat at the table as major influencers in U.S. agriculture discussed how we can push the acreage seeded to cover crops to 20 million acres by 2020.

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"Planting Green" farmer survey

Penn State University — Mar 04,2014

A small survey in PA among no-till farms using cover crops indicates 30% of growers plant their cash crop into a green cover crop as a way to improve soil quality and cash crop establishment.

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Cover crop planting options in late winter/early spring

Penn State University — Mar 04,2014

Tips and techniques for overseeding clover in winter crops or using oats and peas as a spring cover.

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Cover crop innovators video featuring Steve Groff — Feb 24,2014

This video series called "Cover Crop Innovators" from the SARE features Steve Groff from Cover Crop Solutions.

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New soil test measures soil health

Farm & Dairy — Feb 18,2014

New Soil Health Nutrient Tool, an outcome of research by a USDA scientist in TX and a lab in Maine, measures biological health, structure and ability to use nutrients.

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