Scientific Research

Our collection of scientific research studies and results offer deeper insights into how we are changing the landscape of no till farming using cover crops.

Cover Crops Survey Analysis

North Central SARE — Jul 10,2013

Download this free, informative survey and analysis of cover crop adoption, benefits, challenges and yield impacts. Developed by the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education program.

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Cover Crop Research 2010-2012

Cedar Meadow Farms, Sponsored by Cover Crop Solutions — Apr 26,2013

Farm-scale cover crop research over 3 years focuses on short season corn yields, early season corn hybrids and early cover crop planting, and cash crop yield results.

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Using Cover Crops to Convert to No-Till

Ohio State University Extension — Jan 10,2012

This fact sheet provides research results comparing crop yields in no-till fields vs tillage; nitrogen recycling; soil temperature; water infiltration and tips for successful no-till corn.

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Sustainable Crop Rotations with Cover Crops

Ohio State University Extension — Jan 09,2012

This fact sheet provides recommendations for specific cover crop varieties in cash crop rotations based on desired soil health benefits. Also includes biomass production and N contribution data.

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Soil Biology & Land Management

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soil Quality Team — Sep 01,2011

Information about how to improve soil biological health based on management practices including added organic matter, diversifying plant variety, ground coverage and soil disturbances.

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Soil Life: Microbiology on the Farm

Rodale Institute — Jul 13,2011

Mary Edmonds and Natalia Pinzón explain how soil structure and health is directly influenced by the complex set of biological and chemical interactions which decompose, retain, and recycle nutrients.

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Cover Crops: An Essential Tool for Sustainable Cropping Systems

Purdue University - Conservation Technology Information Center — Jan 11,2011

The CTIC promotes information on cover crop and conservation tillage practices for benefiting soil, reducing pollution, and how to transition into continuous no-till farming.

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Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil & Water Quality

Ohio State University — Dec 10,2009

James J. Hoorman, Cover Crops & Water Quality Extension Educator at Ohio State University Extension in Lima, Ohio, highlights the physical, chemical, biological, and economic benefits of cover crops.

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Forage Radish: New Multi-Purpose Cover Crop for the Mid-Atlantic

Maryland Cooperative Extension, University of Maryland — Oct 22,2009

By Ray Weil, Charlie White, Yvonne Lawley; Department of Environmental Science and Technology, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland, College Park

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(Almost) Never Too Late to Plant Hairy Vetch

Rodale Institute — Feb 06,2009

Genevieve Slocum, with Dave Wilson, detail research findings of a dormant seeding trial using the winter annual cover crop Hairy Vetch.

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Perspectives on Cover Crops: Thinking across & beyond disciplines to make cover crops pay

Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture, University of Maryland — Dec 19,2007

From the Univ of MD: Dept of Environmental Science & Technology: Ray Weil, Soil Scientist; Bahram Momen, Statistician/Ecologist; Guihua Chen, Jill Dean, Amy Kremen, Yvonne Lawley, and more.

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Soil Quality Publications

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soil Quality Team — Dec 15,2006

A rich resource from the NRCS and the USDA providing technical notes, information sheets, and test kits related to all aspects of soil quality, cover crops, erosion and more.

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Cedar Meadow Farm Field Day

Rodale Institute — Aug 10,2006

Featuring findings from agronomist Dave Wilson; Jeff Moyer, Rodale farm manager; William S. Curran, PhD, professor of weed science at Penn State; Randa Jabbour and Meredith Murray; Steve Groff & more.

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Planting TIme - Know Where Your Earthworms Are

Rodale Institute — May 05,2005

Steve Groff, a participating farmer in The Rodale Institute's No-Till + project, details the benefits of cover crops, earthworms and soil health.

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Cover Crops & Crop Rotation Basics

Rodale Institute — Oct 01,2002

Stories and results from farmers worldwide effectively using cover crops and crop rotations to beat weeds, confuse bugs and keep diseases at bay.

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