Farmers See How Tillage Radish® is the Cover Crop That Pays

“We have been using Tillage Radish as a cover crop for the past 4 years. The radish has done its bio-drilling, and seems to leave a “film” over the top of the ground that inhibits the spring weed flush. The field looks as if you have run an AerWay over the ground from the decaying radish holes. We feel the radish does help to reduce the compaction because of the aggressive root growth. We have seen roots in excess of 3 feet on our farms. We plan to plant over 500 acres of Tillage Radish this year.”  
— Furmano Foods, Pennsylvania

“I planted half a field to Tillage Radish and could see right to the row the following spring that the corn was greener and healthier on the Tillage Radish side. It was unreal what they did to the soil and made me question why I was strip-tilling where the tillage radishes were planted.”
— Dale Hollings, New York

“We got increased yields in our cotton following Tillage Radish. I’m going to plant more this year.”
— Tim Tucker, Alabama

“In one pass, with Tillage Radish at a reasonable cost, I got aeration, compaction reduction, erosion control, carbon addition, organic matter and a bio-stimulant.  Corn on the field this year looks excellent.”
— Dan Breen, Putnam, ON

“We were surprised at how clean the field was this spring. The ground was loose. Soybeans planted this spring in the radish field look great.”
—  Barry & Larry Richards, Chatham Kent Organic Epi-Centre Inc., Dresden, ON

“Tillage Radish grew great and I was impressed how they compared to other covers we were testing. They definitely helped alleviate compaction in our sandy soil. There were no weeds in the Tillage Radish plot in the spring so we didn’t need a burn down herbicide.”
—  Brian Hearn, University of Delaware

“We used Tillage Radish on 50 acres last year, the pumpkins preformed very well. The soils were much looser where Tillage Radish was used as opposed to just an oat cover crop.”
— Tracy Lewis, Brian Campbell Farms, Pennsylvania

“Tillage Radish was everything I expected. You can literally see a difference in the soil... Unbelievable!”
— Gary Sweet, Ohio

“The ground was much easier to work where I planted Tillage Radish last fall. They are really helping with some of the soil quality issues I have. The soil was so loose, I didn’t even have to work my ground before making raised beds for my vegetables.”
— Guy Moore, Maryland

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